AC to DC LED Drivers

Two types of drivers for powering high-efficiency commercial lighting products.

BP and CP Series Universal AC-DC constant current LED Drivers are compact and world-market ready, with universal input power and certifications by major testing agencies. 

The rugged BP Series are specifically designed to fit in small spaces, and include -40° cold-start, 0-10V dimming and the ability to drive a wide range of LEDs up to 6 watts. 

CP Series drivers deliver robust performance at higher wattages, with a unique and separate 12V auxiliary output for powering wireless control devices such as Bluetooth or Zigbee. This ability to act as 2 power supplies in one has limitless potential, for instance a solid state retrofit where 0-10V wiring is not in place, or some type of aftermarket control is needed at the lighting fixture.

Both have environmental and operating characteristics that can’t be matched by conventional modules, making them suitable for the broadest possible range of applications.

  • Universal Input (100-308 VAC, 50/60Hz)
  • 0-10V dimming w/no flicker (compatible with IEC60929:2006 – controllable ballasts)
  • Highly reliable, rugged construction for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Constant current output
  • Fully potted compact design meets UL IP67, highly reliable in wet locations
  • Meets UL/CSA and EN Product Safety requirements
  • 3,000 Vac Isolation
  • Low standby (Off) power
  • Smooth power output promotes longer LED life
  • Excellent protection features with auto recovery for all conditions
  • Color coded flying leads for simple assembly and installation

CPWLD35c 300x188



(For OLEDWorks Brite compatible drivers, click here)

LED Drivers

WattageInput VoltageModelString Voltage
@Constant Current
Aux Output VoltageDimmable (0-10V IEC 60929, Annex E)Form FactorData Sheet


10.8 - 16.2 VACBPOXL 4-12-03512V @ 350mAN/AN/AAData Sheet
100 - 308 VACBPWXLD 4-12U-0353 - 12V @ 350mAYData Sheet


100 - 308 VACBPWXLD 6-21U-0353 - 21V @ 350mAYAData Sheet


100 - 305 VACCPWLD 13-18U-07012 - 22 VDC @ 700mAYBData Sheet
CPWLD 13-36U-03512 - 42 VDC @ 350mA
CPWLD 13-xxU-yyyUp to 1050mA
(customized to your needs)


100 - 305 VACCPWLD14-18U-07015 - 22 VDC @ 700mAN/AYCData Sheet
CPWLD14-36U-03512 - 42 VDC @ 350mAN/A
CPWLD 14-xxU-yyyA/BUp to 1050mA
(customized to your needs)
Up to 200mA


100 - 305 VACCPWLD25-36U-07012 - 42 VDC @ 700mAN/AYCData Sheet
CPWLD25-56U-03512 - 60 VDC @ 350mA
CPWLD25-xxU-yyyUp to 1050mA
(customized to your needs)
CPWLD25-zz-000zz=12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, or custom; up to 1050mA


100 - 305 VACCPWLD35-52U-070A18 - 56 VDC @ 700mA100mAYDData Sheet
CPWLD35-56U-035B18 - 60 VDC @ 350mA200mA
CPWLD35-xxU-yyyA/BUp to 1050mA
(customized to your needs)
Up to 200mA

Exclusive 4-6W BPWXL/D Driver Features:

  • Exclusive AOVC™ adjusts to different string voltages automatically
  • -40 to 85°C operating temperature with no derating
  • Over-current, short circuit (shorted string), overload, open circuit (string-break) protected
  • Up to 82% efficiency
  • 1% current regulation and no flicker
  • AC line or DC load switching without overshoot on startup

Exclusive 13W -35W CPWLD LED Driver Features:

  • -30°C to 70°C operating temperature
  • AUX output up to 12VDC/200mA for smart lighting interface available
  • Fully-optimized design produces clean output, reducing noise and stress on components
  • Multiple Dimming control interface and wireless ready
  • Product Assurance: 5 Year Limited Warranty(see Warranty terms for more information)
  • Long life: MTBF >500,000 hours @50C ambient at full load


OLEDWorks Compatible Drivers

Input VoltageModelCompatible OLEDWorks PanelString Voltage
@Constant Current
Dimmable (0-10V IEC 60929, Annex E)Form FactorData SheetClick below to order or inquire about these drivers:
100 - 308 VACBPWXLD 6-21U-004Brite Amber OLED 3 - 21V @ 44mAYAClick Here

Inquire / Order

BPWXLD 6-26U-026Brite 2 OLED3 - 26V @ 260mAClick Here
CPWLD14-36U-035BBrite 1 OLED Panel12 - 60 VDC @ 350mACClick Here
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