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Replace discontinued Bias Power Module with current models

Cita Technologies understands that many of our AC to DC switching power modules are designed into long-lived equipment and systems. It is our intention to provide continuous support and general availability of our modules for the for the life of our customers’ products. However, given the nature of the electronics industry, there are occasional situations that occur beyond our control that may force some modules into obsolescence. Though extremely rare, should such instance occur, we make every attempt to offer our customers the opportunity for a Last Time Buy. Barring one of these extraordinary circumstances, we do adhere to a formal notification and discontinuation process.

Product Obsolescence Policy: When a module is planned to be discontinued, the module part number and EOL Notice will be listed on this website, along with a suggested replacement module (if available). Products will be eligible for a last time buy, occurring 12 weeks subsequent to posted EOL date. All orders must be placed before the end of that period, and are non-cancelable and non-returnable. Delivery of the modules will be scheduled within the following six-month period.

The following switching power supply cross reference will provide a basic guide for product migration.

Bias Part NumberEOL Effective DateSuggested Replacement
BPI 400-05-yyJan 1, 2011BPWX 4-08-yy
BPWXL 4-xx-yyy or BPWXLD 4-xx-yyyJan 1, 2011BPWXL or BPWXLD 4-xxU-yyy
BPWXL 6-xx-yyy or BPWXLD 6-xx-yyyJan 1, 2011BPWXL or BPWXLD 6-xxU-yyy
BPI 400-12-yyJan 1, 2011BPWX 4-14-yy
BPS-070-0xxJan 1, 2006BPWX 0.5-xxyy
BPS100-A-14yyJan 1, 2006BPSX 1-14-yy
BPS200-A-14yyJan 1, 2006BPSX 2-14-yy
BPWXL 10-xxU-yyy or BPWXLD 10-xxU-yyyApril 1, 2014CPWLD 14-xx-yyy
All BPS and BPW productsJune 30, 2015All BPSX and BPWX products

"X" series is latest evolution of BPS and BPW and acts as direct replacement

***Please contact Cita Technologies for specific requirements and compatibility before ordering.***